Kumari Arts is dedicated to creating economic and artistic opportunities for female artists from Nepal and India. Its goal is to connect and unify women through bringing the Mithila artistic style and beauty to a western audience via sustainably created and unique art.  Women in Eastern India and Southern Nepal are known for their traditional Mithila Arts style which incorporates symbolism from the Mithila culture and scenes of daily life into a unique and recognizable style of art. In this region there are limited economic opportunities for women. Kumari Arts aims to provide such women with an opportunity that honors their culture and talent. Designs mix the best of their artistic style with the western aesthetic.

Founder and CEO, Adrienne Thakur, has been a Mithila arts enthusiast and collector for over ten (10) years. Our independent artists retain their artistic license. The Kumari Arts selling model relies on the connection to original art, of the highest quality made from sustainable materials. Kumari Arts products are not mass-produced.